[Bast-commits] r4221 - DBIx-Class/0.08/branches/savepoints/lib/DBIx/Class/Storage

debolaz at dev.catalyst.perl.org debolaz at dev.catalyst.perl.org
Mon Mar 24 03:50:44 GMT 2008

Author: debolaz
Date: 2008-03-24 03:50:43 +0000 (Mon, 24 Mar 2008)
New Revision: 4221

Document the auto_savepoint option for connect_info

Modified: DBIx-Class/0.08/branches/savepoints/lib/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm
--- DBIx-Class/0.08/branches/savepoints/lib/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm	2008-03-24 03:14:15 UTC (rev 4220)
+++ DBIx-Class/0.08/branches/savepoints/lib/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm	2008-03-24 03:50:43 UTC (rev 4221)
@@ -430,6 +430,12 @@
 especially if you set a C<HandleError> handler that suppresses exceptions
 and/or disable C<RaiseError>.
+=item auto_savepoint
+If this option is true, L<DBIx::Class> will use savepoints when nesting
+transactions, making it possible to recover from failure in the inner
+transaction without having to abort all outer transactions.
 These options can be mixed in with your other L<DBI> connection attributes,

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