[Bast-commits] r6420 - DBIx-Class/0.08/trunk/lib/DBIx/Class

tomboh at dev.catalyst.perl.org tomboh at dev.catalyst.perl.org
Mon May 25 16:33:46 GMT 2009

Author: tomboh
Date: 2009-05-25 16:33:46 +0000 (Mon, 25 May 2009)
New Revision: 6420

Small documentation improvement:  link to a documented method.

Modified: DBIx-Class/0.08/trunk/lib/DBIx/Class/ResultSource.pm
--- DBIx-Class/0.08/trunk/lib/DBIx/Class/ResultSource.pm	2009-05-25 15:45:33 UTC (rev 6419)
+++ DBIx-Class/0.08/trunk/lib/DBIx/Class/ResultSource.pm	2009-05-25 16:33:46 UTC (rev 6420)
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
 Set this to a true value for a column whose value is somehow
 automatically set. This is used to determine which columns to empty
-when cloning objects using C<copy>. It is also used by
+when cloning objects using L<DBIx::Class::Row/copy>. It is also used by
 =item is_foreign_key

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