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Sun Nov 14 17:35:04 GMT 2010

Author: idn
Date: 2010-11-14 17:35:04 +0000 (Sun, 14 Nov 2010)
New Revision: 9791

Removing the enormous detail of what is IronMan at the top to the NWE.pm wiki

Modified: ironman/overview.pod
--- ironman/overview.pod	2010-11-09 11:44:39 UTC (rev 9790)
+++ ironman/overview.pod	2010-11-14 17:35:04 UTC (rev 9791)
@@ -6,58 +6,14 @@
-=head2 Service outline - what is IronMan.
+=head2 What is IronMan?
-(Taken from http://www.enlightenedperl.org/ironman.html)
+An overview of the IronMan project can now be found at the North West England
+Perl Mongers Wiki at
-In order to promote the Perl language, and encourage more people within the
-Perl community to promote the language to the world outside the Perl
-echo-chamber, Enlightened Perl is pleased to announce the Iron Man Perl
-Blogging Challenge.
+This file is aimed more at technical detail than the wiki.
-The rules are very simple: you blog, about Perl. Any aspect of Perl you like.
-Long, short, funny, serious, advanced, basic: it doesn't matter. It doesn't
-have to be in English, either, if that's not your native language. To stay in
-the Iron Man Challenge, you must maintain a rolling frequency of 4 posts every
-32 days, with no more than 10 days between posts.
-Your blogs will be aggregated on the Iron Man Planet at
-Everybody starts off as Paper Man (or Woman). Manage four posts, week on week,
-and you get to be Stone Man. Get further and you get to be Bronze Man. Six
-months of straight posting qualifies you as Iron Man. And don't worry if you
-fail - there's no losing this competition, you just go back to Paper Man (and
-there'll be a consolation prize while you work your way back up). For each
-level there will be a corresponding badge for your blog.
-There will be a post of the month competition: a committee of good Perl writers
-and bloggers, who will look over the posts and pick one out to be honoured each
-month. The winner will get a limited edition T-shirt, and possibly other prizes
-from sponsors.
-Better still, the post of the month committee members are all going to be
-available to critique your posts, if you want them to. These people all know
-how hard it is to write well and they're all willing to try and help you write
-better if you're interested.
-On top of that, there's an extra incentive: Enlightened Perl board member Matt
-Trout, whose idea this was, will be be blogging as well. Obviously as the
-organizer, he's not eligible for a prize, but...
-If he misses a post once anyone has got to Iron Man, the people who have got
-there get to choose a talk title and a colour. And Matt will submit a talk of
-that title to YAPC::EU and YAPC::NA the next time there's a CFP, and he will
-give that talk with his hair dyed the colour that's been chosen. (If he can't
-find hair dye of that colour that's semi-permanent, he gets the option to spend
-the entire conference wearing clothes of that colour instead.)
-So... get blogging!
-Register your blog at http://ironman.enlightenedperl.org/new_feed/
-Start posting now.
 =head2 Architecture - how does it do this?
 The IronMan project as a whole breaks down into three seperate Perl Modules.

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