[Catalyst-commits] r7439 - Catalyst-Runtime/5.70/trunk/lib

gphat at dev.catalyst.perl.org gphat at dev.catalyst.perl.org
Mon Feb 11 16:32:22 GMT 2008

Author: gphat
Date: 2008-02-11 16:32:21 +0000 (Mon, 11 Feb 2008)
New Revision: 7439

Note the detructiveness of uri_for when used with hashrefs.

Modified: Catalyst-Runtime/5.70/trunk/lib/Catalyst.pm
--- Catalyst-Runtime/5.70/trunk/lib/Catalyst.pm	2008-02-07 23:01:08 UTC (rev 7438)
+++ Catalyst-Runtime/5.70/trunk/lib/Catalyst.pm	2008-02-11 16:32:21 UTC (rev 7439)
@@ -920,6 +920,9 @@
 contain GET parameter key/value pairs, which will be appended to the URI
 in standard fashion.
+Note that uri_for is destructive to the passed hashref.  Subsequent calls
+with the same hashref may have unintended results.
 Instead of C<$path>, you can also optionally pass a C<$action> object
 which will be resolved to a path using
 C<< $c->dispatcher->uri_for_action >>; if the first element of

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