[Catalyst-commits] r9369 - Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk

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Fri Feb 20 16:58:26 GMT 2009

Author: t0m
Date: 2009-02-20 16:58:25 +0000 (Fri, 20 Feb 2009)
New Revision: 9369

Actually, remove this as I have covered it all. We later need to be able to warn about versions of things which are disrecommended, rather than being in total conflict, but thats trivial..

Deleted: Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk/IDEAS
--- Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk/IDEAS	2009-02-20 16:58:17 UTC (rev 9368)
+++ Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk/IDEAS	2009-02-20 16:58:25 UTC (rev 9369)
@@ -1,19 +0,0 @@
-* improve NEXT warnings. related irc conversation from 09/01/21:
-04:41:15 <@mst> actually, even better, it can pass an exclude list
-04:41:22 <@mst> and an include list with versions that contain fixage
-04:41:39 <@mst> then as shit on CPAN gets fixed it can start warning that you should upgrade
-04:41:46 <@rafl> that's already implemented. someone would need to maintain that list though
-04:42:28 <@rafl> i still think that silencing the warnings will delay fixes
-04:42:33 <@mst> if one person files all the rt tickets
-04:42:45 <@mst> it's just a question of watching email
-04:44:04 <@mst> and it doesn't seem fair for a user's code to warn all over the fucking place
-04:44:10 <@mst> just because some cpan author hasn't got their ass in gear
-04:44:52 <@rafl> the user already can disable the warnings for certain classes
-04:45:44 <@mst> I think we should leave 'em on for the RCs
-04:45:57  * dhoss-laptop phrews
-04:46:02 <@mst> but I don't think 5.80 final should be that sqeually
-04:46:06 <@rafl> what we have now is basically what i thought was good enough. it can certainly be better.
-04:46:17 <@rafl> i won't work on that anytime soon though
-04:46:20 <@mst> sure
-04:46:34 <@mst> could you throw this conversation into an IDEAS file or something?

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