[Catalyst-commits] r11399 - Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk/lib

mateu at dev.catalyst.perl.org mateu at dev.catalyst.perl.org
Mon Sep 21 18:57:16 GMT 2009

Author: mateu
Date: 2009-09-21 18:57:14 +0000 (Mon, 21 Sep 2009)
New Revision: 11399

Update $c->forward and $c->state documentation to address scalar context.

Modified: Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk/lib/Catalyst.pm
--- Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk/lib/Catalyst.pm	2009-09-21 14:05:17 UTC (rev 11398)
+++ Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk/lib/Catalyst.pm	2009-09-21 18:57:14 UTC (rev 11399)
@@ -349,7 +349,22 @@
 your code like this:
     $c->forward('foo') || return;
+Another note is that C<< $c->forward >> always returns a scalar because it
+actually returns $c->state which operates in a scalar context.
+Thus, something like:
+    return @array;
+in an action that is forwarded to is going to return a scalar, 
+i.e. how many items are in that array, which is probably not what you want.
+If you need to return an array then return a reference to it, 
+or stash it like so:
+    $c->stash->{array} = \@array;
+and access it from the stash.
 sub forward { my $c = shift; no warnings 'recursion'; $c->dispatcher->forward( $c, @_ ) }
@@ -490,7 +505,9 @@
 =head2 $c->state
-Contains the return value of the last executed action.
+Contains the return value of the last executed action.   
+Note that << $c->state >> operates in a scalar context which means that all
+values it returns are scalar.
 =head2 $c->clear_errors

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