[Catalyst-dev] Gentlemen, please beat on dev.catalyst.perl.org

Matt S Trout catalyst at trout.me.uk
Fri May 27 02:30:08 CEST 2005

I appear to have got trac installs for and subversion mirrors of the
Catalyst and MojoMojo repos going on there - largely thanks to Draven
who did most of the work and then kindly let me take credit on #catalyst
when I finished his configs off and kicked stuff for a bit.

So I want these exercised - commits are still going to be going to the
maypole.perl.org repo but for pulling down to a local copy, unless you
need Absolute Right This Minute copies[0], please use




As for the trac installs, they're currently at

http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/ (for Cat)


http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/trac/MojoMojo (I think you can guess :)

All assistance beating on these installs gratefully received (short of
DoS'ing the thing given the box and bandwidth are being donated); I
want them to have been as thoroughly tested as possible before we even
think about cutting these over to live.

[0] I'm sync-ing the subversion mirrors every fifteen minutes, and if
there's something interesting happening I'll quite possibly kick it
immediately somebody announces a commit on irc if I'm paying attention.

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