[Catalyst-dev] log filtering

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Fri Jan 27 19:36:39 CET 2006

Cory Bennett wrote:
> Hello!  I have recently started using Catalyst and I ran into a problem where 
> I want to supress part of a log statmement.  My site has a login page and so 
> when somone tries to login I see something like this in the logs:
> [Fri Jan 27 02:16:00 2006] [catalyst] [debug] Body Parameters are:
> .----------------------------+--------------------------.
> | Key                        | Value                    |
> +----------------------------+--------------------------+
> | password                   | foobar                   |
> | username                   | joeuser                  |
> '----------------------------+--------------------------'
> I am trying to figure out the best way to supress the password from being 
> logged, but still arrange so my controller has access to the raw password.

You can call $c->log->abort(1) and the logging for that particular request will 
be completely ignored.  Static::Simple uses this to hide all static file requests.


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