[Catalyst-dev] Repository layouts

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri Jun 29 06:40:05 GMT 2007

(very similar to what I proposed on the DBIC list but as a lazy svn admin
and cat herder I'd like to see both projects using the same layout :)

It's time for a repo re-org again - -current got detached from trunk
and we're starting to get confused again, plus 5.80 is getting delayed by
lack of repo setup

Here's the basic proposal -

Catalyst-Runtime/5.70/trunk # current trunk
Catalyst-Runtime/5.70/branches/* # probably empty
Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk # new -current equivalent
Catalyst-Runtime/5.80branches/* # equivalent of branches/Catalyst-Runtime/ now

Catalyst-Runtime/tags # tags. shockingly.

The idea of doing it this way is that (1) main point for a given series is
always called 'trunk' so people don't get confused, (2) we're always svk
cp-ing down so pulling a 5.70 bugfix to 5.80 is a 'pull' but once we go to
5.90 it's -still- a pull, something the svn book branches/5.70 etc. layout
doesn't handle (fine for them but we've got a better merging tool so let's
use the damn thing).

Thoughts, people?

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