[Catalyst-dev] Tutorial updates...

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Sat May 24 20:35:20 BST 2008

On 19. mai. 2008, at 19.08, hkclark at gmail.com wrote:

> Thanks for the input.  There have been a number of discussions about  
> TTSite vs. straight TT and using the default template vs. $c->stash- 
> >{template} that I have seen over the past 2 years (and probably a  
> bunch more that I'm not aware of).
> Re TTSite, I tend to think it's pretty cool.  Yeah, I like to  
> customize it, but especially for a tutorial, I think it's nice to  
> type one helper command and instantly get examples of various  
> "advanced TT features" (nested templates, central config file, etc.)  
> vs. having to painfully walk through similar stuff step-by-step.  I  
> agree that experienced TT folks might want to go with something  
> different in their next project if TTSite makes a bunch of  
> assumptions they don't like, but it seems pretty good as a starting  
> point for a tutorial for me.
> Does the group have specific things they don't like about TTSite?   
> If so, should we consider making a new TTSite2 (or whatever name we  
> want) that doesn't have these limitations?

I personally dislike specially the fact that the TTSite helper changes  
the context object name to Catalyst, and that it splits up the  
template into path into src and lib which I find unnecessary and  
confusing. I also dislike that it uses wrapper, but that might be my  
personal preference. Another point is that most people in the  
#catalyst channel don't use TTSite, which makes it harder for newbies  
to get help there.

> Re default template, I was under the impression that it was better  
> to explicitly set the template because of situations like $c- 
> >forward.  I think I have seen other reasons, but I don't recall  
> them at the moment.  So I added an example of the default template  
> in the tutorial so people know about it, but made most of it use $c- 
> >stash->{template}.  I was under the impression that folks like MST  
> and JRock recommended $c->stash->{template}.  Am I wrong?

As you say, there are currently cases that make it necessary to  
specify the template explicitly, however it is not very DRY. Once the  
'go' branch is merged, those cases go away, and I propose we change to  
use the default behavior in the tutorial then. (Should happen by the  
next runtime release).


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