[Catalyst-dev] patch candidate to fix HTTPS-on-80/HTTP-on-443 handling

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Aug 25 06:09:38 GMT 2010

As a follow-up ...

I have now committed a Catalyst-Runtime patch which both fixes my problem and 
passes the existing test suite.


This is in a branch, and I consider it ready to merge except that I haven't yet 
added a test to prove that it works (it is only known that the existing tests 
still pass), so I expect to get around to that within the next week.

Thank-you to "hobbs" who helped me update my original patch, which had broken a 
single existing test, to a more correct and simpler one that doesn't.

The new one also just modifies a single file rather than two.

-- Darren Duncan

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