[Catalyst-dev] Re: Patch to support inclusion of library files during PAR creation

kmx kmx at volny.cz
Sat Jan 9 08:53:24 GMT 2010

Tomas Doran napsal(a):
> Stephen Shorrock wrote:
> > I appreciate that there might be a way to add the libraries to the
> > archive after 'make catalyst_par' but I was unable to find it or
> > reference. I would be interested in hearing about an alternative
> > solution if the following is seen as a bad idea:
> Can you not just require the libraries which you need in your
> application class in some way so that par detects them when building the
> .par file?
> Your patch looks reasonable from a very quick skim, but I don't think it
> should be needed.

That reminds me my patch I have implemented in Catalyst::Devel branche
that is available here:

The patch is quite simple and provides more general way of passing
additional params to PAR creation process,  it takes a string with
parameters in exactly the same syntax as pp utility and push them into
PAR creation process (for more info see short POD doc I have written for
it). All existing commands like catalyst_par_core are still supported - see:

My patch was a part of an idea that I have put aside for a while but
I'll be happy if my code could be useful for anybody.

Anyway, I agree with Stephen that there are situations when you need to
customize options for creating catalyst app PAR packcages.

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