[Catalyst-dev] Plugins vs. Engines, Dispatchers...

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Sat Mar 6 21:45:07 GMT 2010


2010/3/6 Eisenberger Tamás <tamas at eisenberger.hu> top posted:
> I don't know the exact rfc that describes this, but uri escaping seems
> handle the problem well, think about query parameters, as they are part
> of the same uri! And after I pass the arguments trough utf::decode the
> characters appears correctly, the problem is only that uncode::encoding
> only takes care of query parameters, not the entire uri...

My question about RFC was to figure out how can you be sure that the
user-agent used UTF8 encoding.

How can you know that I sent you ááá encoded as utf8 or iso-latin-1?

Without a clear indication from the user-agent, how can you know?

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