[Catalyst-dev] Re: [App/Ctx] Restarting the work on the branch

Guillermo Roditi groditi at gmail.com
Thu May 6 17:01:18 GMT 2010

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 6:25 PM, Guillermo Roditi <groditi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello fellow developers,
> I knoooow I am a cranky little man and I know this branch has been left
> untouched for quite some time, but I'd like to pick up the pieces. Starti=
> next week, I will be dedicating 15-20 hours a week, as time allows, to
> bringing this branch back up to speed and getting it merged. It's been a
> while since I took a look at it though, so I am taking
> comments/questions/suggestions. I helped zby work on this late last year,
> but then things sort of fell off. I know t0m had some involvement in here,
> but I don't remember if anyone else participated.
> For now, my immediate goals are (in this order):
>    1. Create some sort of back-compat layer that uses CMOP to split
>    plugins and reapply the provided subs / attrs / modifiers to MyApp and=
>    MyApp::Context.
>    2. Backport bugfixes, features that have been added since the branch
>    3. Test it out and see what breaks, fix, repeat
>    4. Hopefully merge
After carefully reviewing the change log since the capp/ctx branch was split
from trunk, it's starting to feel like it wouldn't be altogether imprudent
to branch from trunk and selectively apply the changes from the consolidated
diff manually rather than try to manually merge all the updates back since
my svk foo isn't as high as some other people's. So, I will probably be
creating yet-another branch for this and once I am done applying the changes
to it I will eliminate the existing two branches and start the gritty with
the compat work. Ideas, objections, etc?

-- =

Guillermo Roditi (groditi)
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