[Catalyst-dev] A forwarding detach within auto continues processing

Ton Voon tonvoon at gmail.com
Wed May 4 16:41:23 GMT 2011


In my app, I have an auto action which forwards to another location to do some common work. In this forwarded action, a $c->detach("/soft_error") is run if a known error condition has occurred.

However, it seems that running the detach from an auto doesn't stop further processing as Catalyst continues the dispatch.

I've attached a testcase (diff off 5.80032) to demonstrate the issue. I've updated t/aggregate/live_component_controller_action_auto.t and created a new test controller Detach.pm.

If I run $c->detach from the forwarded action, this seems to be fine. It is only if I pass an action to detach that the problem occurs. And only if run from auto.

Is this correct behaviour or have I found a bug?


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