[Catalyst-dev] Tutorial Fails under Apache Mod_Perl

William Anderson william_anderson at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 5 22:51:45 GMT 2013


Application is not running in a distribution directory. Well, yes the base directory that the application was running in moved when I moved it to the actual web server, i.e, moved from /home/catalyst on the tutorial virtual machine to /home/testsite on the test web server virtual machine. 

However, the whole contents of the Catalyst project was moved, including the Makefile.pl and the generated Makefile. Also, I ran perl Makefile.pl and make several times while i found and installed the perl modules that were not included in any Ubuntu packages. Should this not have updated the paths?

Anyway, there must be a method where you can take a Catalyst application, developed using the development server script, and deploy it onto an actual web server that does not cause such problems. I will continue reading, experimenting, and learning about Catalyst. 

Thank you for your help,


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It sounds like the app's no longer running in a distribution directory
(containing a Makefile.PL)
see the docs for the "-HOME" switch for how to handle this:
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