[Catalyst] Auth::CDBI enhancements

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Wed Apr 13 00:23:29 CEST 2005

>> In Cat4, C::Plugin::Authentication::CDBI sets $c->request->{user} to the
>> username, rather than the user object ( from $user_class->search(..) 
>> ).  I
>> found that to be ultimately useless, and changed it put the user 
>> object in
>> there instead, so my templates can make use of the user's preferences and
>> other bits from their db record.  Anything in the Authentication, such as
>> that, changing in Cat5?
> Don't take the the plugins i write as the one way to go, Catalyst is a 
> component system, so they are mostly just examples, showing whats possible.
> Everybody is not just free to subclass and extend them, everybody is 
> encouraged to do so! ;)

Putting the user object in req->{user} is a good idea, and I also think 
my hashed password support patch is a good idea. ;)  My question to 
everyone is: does it make sense for everyone to release their own 
subclass modules or just improve yours to make it better?  I would bet 
new folks will try out the more "standard" plugins (i.e. the ones with 
your name on them) before trying other people's, so they might miss some 
functionality.  I say we should add these enhancements to your plugin. :)

Andy Grundman

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