[Catalyst] s/HTML::Ajax/HTML::Prototype/

Thomas, Mark - BLS CTR Thomas.Mark at bls.gov
Thu Apr 14 19:29:01 CEST 2005

That's great that you have a library you can use now, but why the name
change because of it? I think HTML::Ajax is much more descriptive, as
HTML::Prototype sounds like something completely different. If you _must_
change it, how about Javascript::Ajax? 

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> HTML::Ajax is now obsolete, because our friends from Ruby on 
> Rails already maintain a very sweet JavaScript library named 
> Prototype which happens to be under MIT license.
> So we decided it would be better just to port their (very 
> nice) helpers and concentrate on more important stuff (like 
> getting Cat5 released). 
> :)
> It's actually available from the svn repository and soon on CPAN.
> Have fun!
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> sebastian
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