[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst 5.1 - The train that can't be stopped.

Marcus Ramberg marcus at thefeed.no
Sat Apr 23 11:27:13 CEST 2005

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As expected, we're doing Catalyst 5.1 about 1 week about 5.0. As 
promised, the API stays the same, but we couldn't very well just sit on 
our hands, so instead we've been busy improving the infrastructure. For 
one, we are now quite alot easier to deploy. We've migrated to 
Module::Build, and your application now knows where it's home is. This 
also makes it easy to deploy your application as a CPAN module. Thanks 
to Leon Brocard for the inspiration, and his excellent Devel::ebug system!

We've also got some other improvements, see below for a summary:

5.10  Sat Apr 23 11:16:00 2005
         - Updated: require latest Module::Pluggable::Fast
         - New installer for templates and stuff using Module::Build
         - scripts are now prefixed, for being installable
         IMPORTANT: You have to regenerate the script directory,
         remove Makefile.PL and add Build.PL
         - Added compat to install Module::Build if required.
         - Improved: Params handling with MP engines
         - Fixed: Params handling on POST with CGI engine (Andy Grundman)
         - Fixed: Helper.pm on Win32 (Matt S Trout)

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
The release manager with the big head %-/

Gabb is the greatest, and Draven is hung over again.
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