[Catalyst] Some "How Do I ..." questions

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Wed Apr 27 07:26:41 CEST 2005

Bill Moseley wrote:
> cpan> install Plucene::Plugin::Analyzer::SnowballAnalyzer
> [...]
> t/Plucene-Plugin-Analyzer-SnowballAnalyzer....NOK 2                          
> #     Failed test (t/Plucene-Plugin-Analyzer-SnowballAnalyzer.t at line 23)
> #     Structures begin differing at:
> #          $got->[3] = 'fran'
> #     $expected->[3] = 'franc'
> Did you have that problem, too?  I did a force install assuming that
> the test might just be wrong.

I get the same thing.  I forced it too, and haven't had any problems 
with it.

> Other dependencies were:
>   Time::Piece::Range
> There's a lot of dependencies for the example.  (Do I really need the Snowball
> stemmers for all the languages?)  It took a while with CPAN to get
> things installed.

Yep I think you need them all.  The default analyzer for Plucene 
stripped out all numbers and I needed to be able to search on IP 
addresses, so I had to switch to the Snowball analyzer.  There might be 
a better way to do it, but I couldn't find one.

> Also, there's this when first starting up:
>     Caught exception "Can't locate object method "search" via package
>     "ServerDB::M::CDBI::User" (perhaps you forgot to load
>     "ServerDB::M::CDBI::User"?) at
>     /home/moseley/ServerDB/script/../lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Authentication/CDBI.pm
>     line 248."
>     moseley at bumby:~/ServerDB$ ls lib/ServerDB/M
>     CDBI.pm

This usually means it didn't find your database and load any tables. 
Check lib/ServerDB.pm and make sure the path to the yml file is correct. 
  Also check the yml file for correct paths.

> BTW -- trying to install B::C::Everything I get:
> Couldn't find a Bundle file in /root/.cpan/build/Bundle-Catalyst-Everything-0.03 at /usr/share/perl/5.8/CPAN.pm line 2081

That bundle has been broken for a while I believe.  Try Bundle::Catalyst 
or manually installing things.

Thanks for checking it out, I'm sure you'll have it running soon. :)


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