[Catalyst] Meios: A Catalyst Photo Gallery Example

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Fri Aug 19 20:36:00 CEST 2005

As soon as I get finished getting my other project out the door this 
weekend, I plan on starting a new Catalyst based photo gallery app for 
my blog. I've got tons of pictures I need to get online, and php Gallery 
gives me the willies and paying for more uploads in Flickr seems wrong. 
I have the technology. :-)

I know someone else is working on a gallery app for Catalyst that is 
prosumably for the purpose of being 'the best gallery app out there'. 
I'm not interested in being the next Gallery/Flickr. I just want 
something at home, something simple and something to learn Catalyst 
with. That said, I still wanted input from this list about the feature 
set in case it becaomse an example package. :-)

Here's what I think I want:

   - First-Run Web based setup to set SysOp/defaults
   - Upload ~10 files at a time
   - Create/Edit/Delete/Merge galleries (albums)
   - Multiple thumbnail sizes/quality (possibly per gallery)
   - Read/Store EXIF data on uploads
   - Add/Edit tags/keywords & descriptions on images
   - View images by gallery, or by keyword/tag, or by date range

Nothing very complicated there. Anyone else got any ideas?

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