[Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst 5.30

Marcus Ramberg marcus at thefeed.no
Mon Jul 4 15:00:14 CEST 2005

Finally, the day promised you for so long (at least the last week) is 
here. I'm proud to announce that the Catalyst team has brought another 
release to CPAN, as confirmed by the PAUSE indexer:

               User: MRAMBERG (Marcus Ramberg)
  Distribution file: Catalyst-5.30.tar.gz
    Number of files: 103
         *.pm files: 62
             README: Catalyst-5.30/README
           META.yml: Catalyst-5.30/META.yml
  Timestamp of file: Mon Jul  4 11:08:13 2005 UTC
   Time of this run: Mon Jul  4 11:52:13 2005 UTC

And the release is currently available here:


The release is already on search.cpan.org, and should be spreading to CPAN mirrors near you in the next days. 

While mostly a maintainance release, it's including some fairly important changes, which is cause for the increase in versioning. Forwarding with arguments has been a much requested feature, as well as some important fixes to Catalyst's unique inheritance system. We have also strived to improve our documentation, as well as adding support for unified Exception handling and non-returning forwards and a lot of other improvements.

You can read a complete changelog here:


With regards

Marcus "Release-Monkey" Ramberg
Intergalactic emissary to the 
Catalyst Release Management Team.

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