[Catalyst] Identifying the home dir

Johan Lindstrom johanl at DarSerMan.com
Thu Jul 21 11:31:44 CEST 2005

Hi all!

A thought regarding identifying the home dir (and hence, the default root 
dir for templates etc).

&Catalyst::Utils::home looks for the presence of e.g. Build.PL and 
Makefile.PL to anchor the home dir. Any thoughts on also using the presence 
of the dir "root" to locate the home dir? Any other markers that could be 
useful and considered stable?

(I ask because the first thing I did to try to put a simple Catalyst UI on 
top of an existing script was to copy the (surprisingly few) Catalyst 
specific source files into my old source tree, avoiding as many files as 
possible, including the makefiles)

BTW, great work, and a very nice experience so far! Bundle::Catalyst 
installed without a hitch with CPAN on Win32, which was unexpected, and the 
docs got me started ok.

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