[Catalyst] Draft Catalyst quick reference card

Andrew Ford A.Ford at ford-mason.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 16:15:13 CEST 2005

Jose Nyimi wrote:

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>>I have created a quick reference card for Catalyst.  Its a 
>>bit sketchy 
>>at present but I hope to flesh it out over the next few days 
>>and weeks.
>>See http://refcards.com/refcards/catalyst/
>After a quick look:
>1) I haven't seen $c->forward
>2) could be worthwhile to add for each action the corresponding url.
>3) to be explicitly written:
>sub begin   : Private {...}
>sub end     : Private {...}
>sub auto    : Private {...}
>sub default : Private {...}
>4) $c->request is not a request method: to be removed from the "Request
>Methods" section.
>Same for $c->response ...
>5) I don't understand the following section (there is already a section
>of context methods):
>... methods
>$obj = $c->config
>$obj = $c->engine
>$obj = $c->log([$newobj])
>$obj = $c->plugin($name, $class, @args)

Thanks for the feedback.  I've addressed all these items apart from 
indicating the url corresponding to the actions.

As I said the card is still sketchy.  I want to see what raw information 
I can get onto six sides (i.e. a trifold card) then I'll tweak the brief 
explanatory texts.

Revision 0.03 is now up on refcards.com.


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