[Catalyst] Draft Catalyst quick reference card

Jose Nyimi josenyimi at skynet.be
Fri Jul 22 23:44:50 CEST 2005

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> Thanks for the feedback.  I've addressed all these items apart from 
> indicating the url corresponding to the actions.
> As I said the card is still sketchy.  I want to see what raw 
> information 
> I can get onto six sides (i.e. a trifold card) then I'll 
> tweak the brief 
> explanatory texts.
> Revision 0.03 is now up on refcards.com.
> Andrew

Additional feedback:

1) Correct me if i'm wrong but i think levels, enable, disable,
is_debug, debug, info, warn, is_error, error, is_fatal, fatal ... are
not context methods. So typo on your following statements ?

Log methods
$log = $c->log
$bool = $c->is_debug
$bool = $c->is_info
$bool = $c->is_warn
$bool = $c->is_error
$bool = $c->is_fatal

Shouldn't be $c->log->debug for instance ?

2) you still have following statements repeated in the doc,
once in context methods section, once in request and response methods
I thought you wanted to gain spaces ;)

$req = $c->request
$resp = $c->response


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