[Catalyst] Catalyst::Engine problem

bsadler at helix-it.com bsadler at helix-it.com
Fri Mar 25 00:41:39 CET 2005

Hi All,

I've just been trying to set up catalyst for a new project.  Although 
everything looks great, and works fine under the test server.pl setup, it 
will not run under apache2/mod_perl2.

I an error in my logs saying on line 440 of Catalyst::Engine that method debug 
cannot be found in package Apache::RequestRec.

I am running Mandrake 10.1 with Apache 2.0.50 (prefork), mod_perl 1.99.16, 
mod_apreq2.04.03, and libapreq, perl-apreq packages of the same versions.

I am using Catalyst version 4.34, and perl 5.8.5 multithreaded.

After some debugging and determining that the $r argument to handler in 
Catalyst::Engine is always null (or seems to be), I think it might have to do 
with the fancy  *{"$class\::debug"} = sub { 1 };  not working properly in 
Catalyst.pm, but in all honesty I have no idea what I am talking about at 
this point.

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated.



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