[Catalyst] MojoMojo code questions

Kevin Old kevinold at gmail.com
Sun May 1 23:52:50 CEST 2005

Hello everyone,

I'm a Mason web app developer and love the concept of Catalyst, but am
having a little trouble wrapping my brain around some code I've seen
in the MojoMojo example.

I understand keeping the template and the code that generates the data separate.

In the MojoMojo code set, /lib/MojoMojo/C/Page.pm I don't see where
the "data" for [% content = page.content %] that's in
/root/base/page/view.tt.  How's it generated?  I know it comes from
the database, but I can't see the line/lines of code that "make it

How does view.tt know that the "page" variable is available to it?  Is
there a way to see what varaibles are available to a certain template?
 How would I write a page like this with a very basic Mason template?

I've googled and searched CPAN for everything about Catalyst and can't
find any code samples for Mason with Catalyst.

I know it's still very young and would like to help put more docs
together, but are there any links or code samples that anyone could
throw my way to help me understand this?

Any help is appreciated!

Kevin Old
kevinold at gmail.com

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