[Catalyst] OT - Site running on Catalyst 5.10

Marcus Ramberg marcus at thefeed.no
Wed May 11 13:21:33 CEST 2005

Edmund von der Burg wrote:

>I thought you might be interested in a site that I have up and running 
>with catalyst.
>  http://scrpbk.com
>Thanks to all who have created it - it really does deal with an awful 
>lot when you start creating big sites with it.
>Is there any interest in a Catalyst::View::Email that I have made? Uses 
>TT to proces template into an email and then sends it.
>  Edmund.
Edmund, you kick so much ass! Of course we're interested in your email
view :) Feel free to release it to CPAN at any time.
Please tell me if you need svn hosting or anything else from us. :) Just
registered on your site, it looks like a very cute concept! :)


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