[Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst 5.20

Marcus Ramberg marcus at thefeed.no
Thu May 19 00:01:01 CEST 2005

It's my pleasure to announce that Catalyst version 5.20 has just reached 
cpan, and is available here:

and expected to reach your local CPAN mirror shortly.

This is another maintainance release, and it should not do evil things 
to your application. It does contain some quite important bug fixes and 
improvements though, and upgrades are highly recommended.

Among the new features are: better platform compability, deep recursion 
detection, multiple appliction support in apache, full modperl2 support,
working support for locationmatch/scriptaliasmatch, speedyCGI engine.

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
Department of silly releases.

Below is the full change list:
5.20  2005-05-18 19:52:00
         - improved uploads and parameters
         - added $c->req->protocol and $c->req->secure
         - added $c->req->user and $c->req->uri
         - improved error message when forwarding to unknown module
         - fixed win32 installer
         - added deep recursion detection
         - fixed auto actions
         - fixed inheritance in dispatcher
         - allow whitespaces between brackets and quoted string
           in Path and Regex attributes
         - new helper templates
         - installer now supports install_base and destdir
         - allow multiple Catalyst apps to run on the same mod_perl
           instance (not the same app!)
         - fixed MP2 engines
         - removed apreq dependency from all MP engines
         - added support for MP registry scripts
         - added support for LocationMatch and ScriptAliasMatch in MP 
         - added SpeedyCGI engine
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