[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] New Catalyst release + new modules.

Marcus Ramberg marcus at mediaflex.no
Thu May 26 15:21:48 CEST 2005

I've just uploaded Catalyst 5.22 to CPAN, along with 
Catalyst::Plugin::Fillinform 0.05 and Catalyst::Engine::Server 0.1
If you wonder, 5.21 was released 2 days ago, but wasn't announced here. 
I've included changelogs for that one too. The most important part here 
is the memory leak which was plugged. Note that there is still a leak 
when debug is enabled, so don't use debug mode in production!

Marcus Ramberg
On behalf of the Catalyst team.

Below is the relevant changelogs


5.22  2005-05-26 14:24:00
        - Improved base locating in MP engines
        - Improved error messages in C::E::HTTP::Daemon
        - Hostnames are now resolved on demand unless provided by engine
        - Fixed memory leak in $c->execute (Michael Reece, Matt S Trout)

5.21  2005-05-24 14:56:00
        - fixed a bug in https detection
        - fixed auto chain finally
        - added MYAPP_HOME and CATALYST_HOME environment variables


0.02  2005-05-26 14:41:00
        - Improved timeout handling, defaults to 30s
        - Fixed reverse lookups


0.05  2005-05-26 14:43:00
        - $c->fillform now takes an optional hashref

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