[Catalyst] Catalyst::Model::CDBI

Michele Beltrame mb at italpro.net
Thu Oct 6 18:51:05 CEST 2005


> Yes.. but doesn't that solutoin assumes that I have a "model" class?
> I dont, since it uses Class::DBI::Loader to load the database model.

A model class is just a couple of rows of code, you put it where your DB 
modules "stay" (i.e. lib/MyApp/M/DB/):

package MyApp::M::DB::MyTable;

use strict;

__PACKAGE__->columns(Essential => qw/id nick name cdate/);


That's all, no need to code further. However, you need to code this bit 
if you want to customize the lazy population. ;-)

	Hope this helps, Michele.

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