[Catalyst] [Task] http://catalyst.perl.org needs a frontpage!

Simon Elliott simon at browsing.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 16:18:20 CEST 2005

On 10 Oct 2005, at 14:53, Sebastian Riedel wrote:

> Am 10.10.2005 um 15:14 schrieb Danijel Milicevic:
>> I'd go with that design, it looks professional, is full compat to any
>> browser I can think off and only needs a more meaningful image for  
>> the
>> "splash" section.
> What would be more meaningful?

Ditto, i love the design too. As far as the image, why not go with  
the old reliable bricks? It's a bit of a cliche but its better than  
apples. I'm sure something suitable could be modeled out of Lego.

>> I'd prefer to see the following on the frontpage:
>> 1) news ticker - announcements, links to catalyst-related  
>> announcements
>> (dbix, tt2, ..)
>> 2) svn ticker - showing the latest revisions and (hopefully  
>> meaningful)
>> commit msgs
>> 3) spotlight - a small section that shows a webapplication that was
>> built using Catalyst, would be a nice way to promote the users apps
>> (like that lovely list-reader)
>> 4) featuring - another small section featuring one of Catalysts
>> capabilities and exemplary use of it.
>> 5) status - since we're seperating engines from core for 5.5/ 
>> refactored
>> branch, it would be good to enlist the engines we support and their
>> current version on the frontpage.
>> .. and so on.
> Should we really make our frontpage a Catalyst app?
> I'd prefer it to be static i guess, would improve our chances to  
> survive a slashdot...

Some quick start stuff similar to http://locomotive.sourceforge.net/  
which will get people up and running without any configuration would  
be nice to have on the front page.
I would much prefer to see less 'internals' orientated stuff on the  
front page which will only go as far as putting potential new users off.
Lots of example apps that people can download, play with and see the  
power of catalyst easily.


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