[Catalyst] New default screen for Catalyst.

Chisel Wright chisel at herlpacker.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 10:39:22 CEST 2005

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 09:37:54AM -0700, John Wang wrote:
>    > It's currently considered EXPERIMENTAL - bring this near a
>    > production database at your own risk!
>    Someone who doesn't know anything about Catalyst or DBIx::Class might
>    wonder why something with such a strong warning is being recommended and
>    extrapolate that to Catalyst. Someone might also have to explain the
>    choice to management types. If the POD is not going to be updated, some
>    kind of extra note should be included.

Yes, I'm quite curious about DBIx::Class but the EXPERIMENTAL warning
makes me a bit too nervous to start experimenting with it.

How safe/stable is DBIx these days? Should I be reading the mailing list
for it (more carefully)? Is there a list of known issues I can read?

Is there a balanced CDBI vs DBIx page anywhere?

I'm vaguely aware that there were some political issues with CDBI, but
I've totally forgotten the reasoning behind DBIx, or why I might want to

Chisel Wright
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