[Catalyst] New default screen for Catalyst.

John Wang johncwang at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 17:26:30 CEST 2005

On 10/19/05, Sebastian Riedel <sri at oook.de> wrote:
> Am 19.10.2005 um 07:25 schrieb John Wang:
> > http://www.dev411.com/catalyst/welcome_likedebug2.html
> >
> > With a logo and color coordinated links :)
> Added the link css to trunk, thx.
> But how should we serve the logo?

Hmm... it might not be practical to serve the logo. The pages I've seen that
have logos tend to be either static (welcome or HTML docs) or part of larger
app (e.g. Tomcat admin pages), two things we don't have here. Oh well.
Looked good though, IMHO.
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