[Catalyst] New class templates

Frank Wiegand frank.wiegand at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 11:58:40 CEST 2005

Sebastian Riedel schrieb:

> These are the new class templates for catalyst.pl in the upcoming 5.5.
> What could we change/add to make them even more friendly?

> package MyApp;
> use strict;

Why not 'use warnings'?

> # Configure the application
> MyApp->config( name => 'MyApp' );

Why not __PACKAGE__ instead of MyApp?

> # Start the application
> MyApp->setup;


> This library is free software . You can redistribute it and/or modify
                               ^ unnecessary space
> it under the same terms as perl itself.
I think it's 'Perl', not 'perl'.

See perlartistic:

"... It is also one of the two licenses Perl allows itself to be
redistributed and/or modified ..."

Bye, Frank

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