[Catalyst] RFC: Catalyst based ERP

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Sat Oct 29 23:39:34 CEST 2005


At the end of November I think I'll start having a little time to play with my 
pet projects. With the future nothing is certain, but I'm free to plan, am I 
not? I'd like to get to know Catalyst, Template::Toolkit and DBIx::Class. 
Some people seem to think that it's fun :-) 

My usual way of learning new modules is to apply them to something useful. 
In that light, I thought about rewriting Freemoney, which is an old idea of 
mine. At the time (in the dark ages, around year 2000), I tried different 
approaches, but came to the conclusion that the tools weren't there yet. 

The plan is to refactor Freemoney completely
 - Rework the database layout
 - Redesign the end goal
and implement it in
 - DBIx::Class (PostgreSQL)
 - Catalyst w/Template::Toolkit, Ajax and all
 - Propably use Business::Bof, as model. Btw. Can I have more models for one
  application with Catalyst?

Now I imagine that some (many?) of you are self employed, using all kinds of 
programs to keep track of customers, orders and accounting. I hope for some 
feedback to help design the end user functionality, as specific as possible. 

If nobody is interested, I think that I will use alternative A. Sit at the 
pool and sip cold drinks all day. Hmm, sounds more attractive...


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