[Catalyst] Catalyst future again

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Thu Sep 1 20:26:04 CEST 2005


Quick news summary of recent development activities, for those who  
are not yet on the irc channel. ;)

* Andy Wardley spent some time improving the TT view and on a new  
helper named Catalyst::Helper::View::TTSite.
   The helper is much more verbose than the default one and creates  
"everything" you need for a TT powered Catalyst app (templates,  
macros, directories...), i'm sure all advanced TT users will love it.


* We have started a new "refactored" branch which will hopefully soon  
get merged with trunk for the next release.
    It is 99% (that 1% will be only noticeable for some plugin  
developers) API compatible with 5.33, but feature the following goodies:

     - New core, engine and dispatcher are now objects. (will make it  
possible to run multiple instances of the same app under mod_perl)
     - Less engines, the core distribution only includes Test, CGI,  
FCGI and HTTP engines, all others will be maintained as separate  
packages. (better maintainability and 100% test coverage for core  
     - We now make a difference between body and query parameters,  
adding $c->request->query_parameters and $c->request- 
 >body_parameters, $->request->parameters still contains both.
     - Streaming IO, we added $c->request->handle and $c->response- 
 >handle containing the IO handles, so you can directly read and  
write to/from them, header parsing and generation just works, you  
don't have to care about it.
       Body parameters and uploads are only parsed on-demand, so only  
when you access $c->request->body/parameters/body_parameters/uploads,  
leaving the input handle untouched otherwise.
     - New body parser, we now use HTTP::Body for everything. (will  
make upload progress bars possible, for all engines!)


All features are already implemented and need a lot of testing now,  
so report if your existing apps break!


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