[Catalyst] Cached TT w/mod_perl issue? Or just a Toby-bug?

Toby Corkindale tjc at wintrmute.net
Tue Sep 6 12:33:55 CEST 2005

I followed the instructions at
to enable TTs caching of templates with the XS stash module.
(I also added a line to create the directory if it doesn't exist.)

I'm running Catalyst under mod_perl. After restarting apache, I see it has
created the directory (in /tmp/) as *root*, not Apache.

When I try to view any TT templates via my Catalyst app, it fails - the
relevant error being:
[catalyst] [error] Couldn't render template "mkdir /tmp/diesel_cache//home/tobyc/svn/DieselCatalyst/templates/cult: Permission denied at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.6/i686-linux/Template/Provider.pm line 844

However it has managed to build a small tree under that directory, namely:
These directories are also owned by root.

I ran "chown -R apache:apache /tmp/diesel_cache" to make everything owned by
apache, and this solved the problem. Templates render.

I am guessing this is related to Apache running some initial startup stuff as
root, before it swaps over to the apache user. Is there a way around this to
provide a more elegant solution than just chown-ing the cache structure after
the first failure?
(I tried creating the /tmp/diesel_cache directory as owned by Apache, but the
subtree was still created as being owned by root)


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