[Catalyst] Missing Apache::Request Sanity Check

Juan Camacho jc5826 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 20:20:12 CEST 2005

I was installing a catalyst application on a new machine and I
couldn't figure out why catalyst was complaining about `Can't locate
object method "components"` under Apache::Registry until I figured out
that Apache::Request wasn't installed on that machine.

Not sure why it's is not caught earlier in
Catalyst::Engine::Apache::Base::prepare_request for example.

  sub prepare_request {
    my ( $c, $r ) = @_;
    carp "Apache::Request object not defined" unless $r;  ## <---
maybe this should be added

... or even earlier in Catalyst::Setup::setup_engine

  if ( Apache::Request->require ) {
    $engine = 'Catalyst::Engine::Apache::MP13::Apreq';
  } else {
    carp "Apache::Request module not found";

After finding this, I made sure that I put Apache::Request in my
application pre-reqs check, but it *might be* a good idea as a general
philosophy that Catalyst bail out as early as possible with things
like this.

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