[Catalyst] Cached TT w/mod_perl issue? Or just a Toby-bug?

Aaron Ross aaron at aaronelliotross.com
Wed Sep 28 12:54:49 CEST 2005

Hi Toby,

>>*  You can make Apache start as the apache user and not change ID.
> Apache starts as root on almost every Linux distro; requiring that sysadmins
> hack their servers to start as a certain user, just to run our app, is a
> suggestion that will not fly.

I actually think there is a useful idea buried in the noise. If you run 
your site using a reverse proxy you can, and probably should, run your 
apache/mod_perl process as a non-privileged user.

For example, you might create a 'myapp' user account and run the 
Catalyst/mod_perl application on an unprivileged port, with ServerRoot 
somewhere under /home/myapp.

Then the front-end, running on a privileged port, can just reverse proxy 
requests to this server.

I find it a very clean solution overall and I think it would solve your 
problem as well.



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