[Catalyst] RFC: Catalyst::Plugin::EnhancedParams

Nilson Santos Figueiredo Junior acid06 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 05:59:29 CEST 2006

On 4/2/06, Sebastian Riedel <sri at oook.de> wrote:
> Because it breaks the CGI.pm like api of Catalyst::Request, which in
> turn would break all kinds of validation plugins, DFV, DFV::Simple,
> H::W...

Actually, my solution plays kinda nicely along with DFV at least from
what I understood from its documentation. This happens because it's
non-destructive, it just adds a "virtual" parameter corresponding to
the hash-ref but the old ones are left intact. The only side-effect
would be that some fields would end up being marked as "unknown" by
DFV (i.e. if you have 'person[name]' and 'person[age]', DFV would mark
the "virtual" field 'person' as unknown).

For HTML::Widget, well... I don't think it really cares about
receiving extra fields so, no problem here.

Of course, I don't know if this all applies to
Catalyst::Plugin::Params::Nested, since it's underlying module
CGI::Expand might do destructive processing. So this would be one
reason for me to actually keep my apparently "redundant" plugin away
from it, if true.

Besides, even if there were a problem, all you'd need to do is not to
use the plugin. There could have a warning somewhere stating this. But
this feature is pretty useful IMO and should be at least in

-Nilson Santos F. Jr.

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