[Catalyst] Easier catalyst installation

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Tue Apr 4 20:08:50 CEST 2006

Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> Matt S Trout wrote:
>> Christopher H. Laco wrote:
>>> Christopher H. Laco wrote:
>>>> Matt S Trout wrote:
>>>>> Christopher H. Laco wrote:
>>>>>> Matt S Trout wrote:
>>>>>>> Peter Edwards wrote:
>>>>>>>>> [what's with CPANPLUS 'freezing' at some prompts
>>>>>>>> I think it's doing downloads and builds silently. That was my guess
>>>>>>>> anyway.
>>>>>>>> It sat there for 20-30 minutes on the machines I installed on.
>>>>>>>>> how the hell do you install Template with cpanp
>>>>>>>> After unpacking Template-Toolkit-2.14.tar.gz
>>>>>>>> # perl Makefile.PL TT_HELP
>>>>>>>> gives the install params, e.g. TT_PREFIX=/some/dir.
>>>>>>>> Looks like you can pass these with 's conf OPT VALUE'.
>>>>>>> Anybody who wants to try getting a Catalyst install *without*
>>>>>>> substantial interactive faffing I'd ask to try
>>>>>>> http://www.shadowcatsystems.co.uk/static/cat-install
>>>>>>> and tell me what results they get. It works without problem on every
>>>>>>> linux and windows machine I've tried it on, so it's time to start
>>>>>>> collecting more data :)
>>>>>> Boom!
>>>>> Erm. What happens if you try and use CPAN.pm directly yourself?
>>>> Oddly enough , not a damn thing:
>>>> C:\perl -MCPAN -e 'shell'
>>>> just takes be back to:
>>>> C:\
>>>> How lovely. And LWP isn't honoring my http_proxy/ftp_proxy ENV settings
>>>> at all....but ppm does...and wget is pretty happy.
>>> It's a good excuse to wipe my nasty install anyways and update.
>>> Installing a fresh ActivePerl now....
>> I wouldn't. It does hairy things that interact unhappily with hairy
>> things in Module::Install, as a result of which you're toast for
>> installing a lot of stuff.
>> I'm running on the latest AS 5.8.7 atm.
> Fresh 5.8.7 install
> I ended up in an infinite loop:
> Select your continent (or several nearby continents) []
> Sorry! since you don't have any existing picks, you must make a
> geographic selection.

# This is the Shadowcat Catalyst installer. Its purpose is to make it easier
# and quicker to get started with Catalyst development. In order to use it,
# make sure you have perl 5.8.1+, a make and a compiler, (nmake and dev-c++
# are good on windows), a configured CPAN.pm and Module::Build installed.

See the bit where it says "make sure you have ... a configured CPAN.pm"?

Yeah, I wasn't kidding about that.

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