[Catalyst] Anyone using the FastCGI External server in production?

John Wang johncwang at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 06:54:56 CEST 2006

On 4/4/06, Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org> wrote:
> Anyone using External mode with an application?  Do you use a
> watchdog script to make sure the application keeps running, and to
> restart if it dies?

It would be ideal to use a supervision tool such as runit or daemontools,
however FastCGI and FCGI::ProcManager are not designed to work with these
tools. For straight FastCGI, there's a patch that adds a -supervise option
to cgi-fcgi allowing it to work with runit and daemontools. Here are some
urls that discuss this. The patch is available on the last url.


It would be great if Cat and FCGI::ProcManager could be updated to be
supervised. The middle url above says:

> I see this as the most common problem in the Ruby on Rails
>  community utilizing fastcgi, and it seems to occur on
> apache at times, as well.

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