[Catalyst] Reusable actions, AOP vs. other styles

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Fri Apr 7 10:31:54 CEST 2006

07.04.2006 09:31 Dominique Quatravaux:
> Would you please offer some enlightenment as to why you prefer AOP?

Base classes affect the whole controller, reusable components just  
the action.

     package MyApp::Controller::Foo;
     use base 'Catalyst::Controller';

     sub add : Local : Action('Add') {}

     sub del : Local : Action('Del') {}

IMO the above example is easier to understand and maintain than the  
(Especially when your Controller contains 20 or more actions,
which may all inherit something from a reusable action)

     package MyApp::Controller::Foo;
     use base qw/Catalyst::Controller GenericAdd GenericDel/;
     use NEXT;

     sub add : Local {
         my ( $self, $c, @args ) = @_;
         $self->NEXT::add( $c, @args );

     sub del : Local {
         my ( $self, $c, @args ) = @_;
         $self->NEXT::del( $c, @args );


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