[Catalyst] Ajax and redirect

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 18:29:31 CEST 2006

On 10/04/06, A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis at gmx.de> wrote:

> > Generally, I think JavaScript refreshes are done with:
> > window.location( url );
> You missed the point entirely, I'm afraid.

Well, I didn't miss the point, though I admit I didn't address it very well ;)

I've never used Ajax at all.
My unexplained point was that "Ajax" is just a fancy name for
JavaScript / XMLHttpRequest, and simply sending a content-header may
not actually /do/ anything; there has to be some JavaScript
/somewhere/ that understands the response and tells the browser what
to do.

If, as you say, some frameworks do handle this for you automatically,
then that's very cool!
I'm looking forward to having an excuse to use AJAX properly one of
these days ;)


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