[Catalyst] Internal Server Error

Len Jaffe lenjaffe at jaffesystems.com
Tue Apr 11 16:32:14 CEST 2006

>  Ryan <god at detz.net> wrote:
> We have Cat. running from apache and when serving
> static content(.html)
> with the Static plugin sometimes we get this....
If you're running under apache, it is better, from a
resource utilization perspective, to configure apache
to catch the requests for your static content, and not
bother passing them into catalyst.  

But since that doesn't actually solve your problem...
How are you invoking the Static plugin?

I found that I needed to write mehtods in my MyApp.pm
that looked like this:  

use catalyst qw( ...   Static ... );

sub doCSS : Path('*.css') {
   my ($self, $c) = @_;

and likewise for JavaScript libraries and HTML docs. 

I'd also suggest firing it up under
scripts/myapp_server.pl server and seeing what happens
there.  You can start that one under the perl
debugger, or run it under the CGI engine, and run that
under the debugger.  A few well placed breakpoints and
your in business.

> Internal Server Error
> The server encountered an internal error or
> misconfiguration and was
> unable to complete your request.
> Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was
> encountered while
> trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the
> request.

This one looks interesting. Check your apache config
for "ErrorDocument" directives. It appreas that your
error document setting is squirrely too.

> and sometimes the page shows fine.  The apache error
> log dumps

[ dump snipped ]
Were there any non-catlyst error log messages.  I'm
betting there might have been.   Apache should have
logged at least one error message aside from all of
Cat's debug logging.


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