[Catalyst] Google's Summer of Code

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Sun Apr 16 02:27:42 CEST 2006

15.04.2006 23:29 Jason Yates:

>> "Ajax library for Template Toolkit, akin to the Ajax support in Ruby
>> in Rails (likely mentor: the Catalyst project)."
> Interesting idea, the new RJS support in Rails 1.1 is very useful.
> Something like this in Catalyst would be very useful

I disagree, streaming JavaScript code to the client is not the way to  
Comet and Jemplate are much better IMO.


> Plus I'd also like to see some simplification of some other aspects.
> An example would be UploadProgress, in Rails all you do in the view is
> add this:
> <%= form_tag_with_upload_progress %>
> <%= file_field :model, :file_column %>
> <%= submit_tag 'Upload' %>
> <%= upload_status_tag %>
> <%= end_form_tag %>
> That is it.  In Catalyst you have:
> <form onsubmit="watch_progress(this);">
> ...
> </form>

Agreed and as Andy already said, help would be very welcome!

> Better scaffolding support for DBIx::Class, and something like Rails
> Ajax scaffolding would be very helpful(http://www.ajaxscaffold.com/)

This is not very hard to implement (and not very useful outside of  
screencasts), guess it would be a very good SummerOfCode project.

> Plus, something like Rails integration testing would also be nice.
> http://jamis.jamisbuck.org/articles/2006/03/09/integration-testing- 
> in-rails-1-1

We have this for ages, it's called Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst. ;)


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