[Catalyst] UPDATE: catalyst on vmware

moltar moltar at spamcop.net
Thu Apr 20 02:56:23 CEST 2006

Hey everybody,

Just want to update on the progress. I've installed the CentOS 4.3 
(386). I used KDE GUI (minimal installation). Installation includes:

    * Catalyst v1.70
    * Perl v5.8.5
    * Apache v2.0.52
    * MySQL v4.1.12
    * PostgreSQL v7.4.8
    * SQLite v3.2.2

So far I've setup Catalyst module base (read: CPAN mirror ;) with 
minimum problems. For some reason installation went in a loop after I 
chose an optional gpg module to be installed. I broke off the loop with 
ctrl+c, then started again and it seemed to work fine.

I tried setting up Hops demo. Yes, I know, it's outdated and uses 
Class::DBI, but I thought it would be the simplest thing to start with, 
as it's old and proven. I got it to work with the native Catalyst 
server, but having trouble getting it to work under the mod_fastcgi, but 
I am sure I'll get it to work eventually and then it's only a matter of 
cloning the <VritualHost> and getting more Catalyst apps into the 
system. Suggestions/app donations are welcome!

One thing that really concerns me thus far is the size of the 
installation. Right now vmware image is at 2.4 GB! Even if I take out 
GUI stuff, it's still quite large. I am not sure of how it's best to 
distribute it. What do you suggest?

Best regards!

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