[Catalyst] KD, survey app, zymurgological incentives

Len Jaffe lenjaffe at jaffesystems.com
Fri Apr 21 19:25:16 CEST 2006

I worte a survey app in Cold Fusion a few years ago. I
could do it again in cat. 

Do you have any specs? 
Can you define "encourages good survey design" beyond
putting "Don't forget to design your survey well!" on
every page?

My survey app had these kind of question/answer
possibilites (this list is not meant to be 100%
inclusive, I may have forgotten a few):
* short text: text, date
* text field (HTML text area)
* Multiple choice(pick one of x): T/F, Y/N,
traditional (formatted as an ordered list), agree
disagree (with default formats for 6 choices [strong
agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strong disagree, N/A]
and 10 choices [like 6 but with more degrees of
   - the survey creator was free to add or delete     
options, and change the formatting (radio/dropdown),
and labelling.
* pick all that apply (multiple check boxes)

Data was stored to an RDBMS and was availabel for CSV
download for the folks who had to ananlyze the data in
SAS of access or whatever.

Sound like what you're looking for?


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