[Catalyst] Internal Server Error

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Mon Apr 24 22:13:41 CEST 2006

Matt S Trout scribbled on 4/24/06 2:04 PM:
> Peter Karman wrote:
>> Was this issue ever resolved?
>> I am seeing similar behaviour (misc 500 errors appended to output) 
>> under mod_perl even though I am using Static::Simple in addition to 
>> configuring /static in httpd.conf.
>> I wonder if the whole /static issue is a red herring?
>> Specifically, the Apache error logs do not show any errors, nor does 
>> Cat log show error. Response code is 200 according to 
>> c->response->status. But periodically and inconsistently I'll see the 
>> generic 500 error message appended to the footer of my pages.
> mod_proxy in front of the mod_perl? I've seen a similar barf on some 
> ancient Maypole deployments of ours in that type of setup; never with 
> Cat, but we almost always deploy under FastCGI w/Cat so I have much 
> fewer data points to go off.

just to follow up:

this appears to have been a firefox-specific strangeness. comparing the 
response->body length against what firefox received always matched; 
checking the response->body for the error string always failed, even 
when the error message appeared in the browser. apparently firefox was 
making some kind of additional request (favicon maybe?) that wasn't 
quite doing what it expected. I could not duplicate in Safari, and a 
restart of Firefox appears to have cured it.

odd. Must be Monday.

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